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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

In his textbook Modern Magick, Donald Michael Kraig gives three benefits to doing this ritual: development of the will, expansion of the aura and the removal of ‘unwanted influences’ both ‘physical and non-physical’ from one’s ‘immediate area’. Israel Regardie, in The Tree of Life, writes that a ‘thorough banishing which is both purifying and protective’ should be performed before any magickal operation, and that the LBRP serves this purpose better than almost any other. A detailed analysis of the ritual will be added in time; what follows is a set of basic instructions on its performance.

Part 1: The Kabbalistic Cross

+ Stand in the center of your space. You should be facing east. Imagine yourself growing bigger and bigger until you fill and are in the center of the universe.

+ Visualise a sphere of white light above your head. Reach up to touch it, bring it down to your forehead and vibrate, AH-TAH.

+ Bring the light down through the center of your body until you are pointing downwards and there is a column of light shining down into infinity. Vibrate, MAL-KUTH.

+ Bring your finger back up to your heart and across your chest so that you are pointing at your right shoulder. Visualise the light shooting out from there into infinity and vibrate, VI GEBU-RAH.

+ Bring your finger across your chest to your left shoulder, visualise light shooting from there and vibrate, VI GEDU-LAH.

+ Visualise a glowing sphere of gold light in your chest, where the two columns of white light intersect. Clasp your hands as if in prayer and vibrate, LI OH LAHM AH-MEN.

Part 2: The Pentagrams

+ Again, you should be facing east. Step forward and draw a pentagram in the air before you, starting with the bottom left point. Then thrust both hands forward into its center while vibrating, YUD-HEH-VAHV-HEH. Bring your left index finger to your lips making the sign of silence. Then trace the first quarter of a circle in white light as you circumnavigate your space in a clockwise direction.

+ You should now be facing south. Repeat the step outlined above, but this time vibrate AH-DOH-NAI when you thrust your hands into the middle of the pentagram.

+ You should now be facing west. Repeat again, but this time vibrate, EH-HEH-YEH.

+ You should now be facing north. Repeat again, but this time vibrate, AH-GLAH. You should now be standing in the center of a circle with pentagrams to your east, south, west and north.

Part 3: The Evocation of the Archangels

+ Once more, you should be facing east. Outstretch your arms so that your body makes the shape of a cross. Visualise an angel just beyond the first of the pentagrams you formulated in the previous part of the ritual. It should be wearing yellow and purple, carrying a caduceus and standing on a windy mountaintop. Call with authority, BEFORE ME, RAH-FAY-EL.

+ Keep your arms outstretched. Behind you, visualise another angel, this time wearing blue and orange, holding a chalice and standing by a waterfall. This time, call, BEHIND ME, GAH-BREY-ELL.

+ Next, visualise an angel to your right, wearing red and green, carrying a flaming sword and standing by a volcano. Call, ON MY RIGHT HAND, MI-CHA-EL.

+ Lastly, visualise and angel wearing brown to your left, standing in a field and carrying a sheath of wheat. Call, AND ON MY LEFT HAND, O-RAY-ELL.

+ Keep your arms outstretched, step to your left so that your body is in the shape of Da Vinci’s man and visualise a pentagram around you and a hexagram in you. Call, ABOUT ME THE PENTAGRAM, WITHIN ME THE SIX-RAYED STAR.

Part 4: Repeating The Kabbalistic Cross

+ Repeat part 1, the kabbalistic cross.


Modern Magick, by Donald Michael Kraig

The Tree of Life, by Israel Regardie